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Let’s get right to our pitch: We know how the decline of traditional media has changed the game. We also know what people read and watch, and where they do it. We create content and digital media campaigns to reach your target audience without wasting your time or money.

The world is changing faster than ever and knowing how to navigate this change is everything. Let us show you how.

What success can look like for you

“Your strategies work, plain and simple.”
That’s how the Happy New Year note from a recent client started. The B2B publisher then shared year-over-year audience gains to his site across the final 6 months of the year, as reported by
We worked together 8 months. Below, you’ll see gains during and after the engagement because we deliver proven strategies that last.









A few ways we can start helping you win today

Improve your content game

We spent decades learning precisely how to build engaged audiences across multiple platforms. We are expert in creating the right content for our clients because we know what people read and watch and where they do it. That’s just one way we make a difference for you.

Win at audience targeting

We pinpoint the exact audience you want to reach — by message, topic, demographics or geography. Our tools and experience help you eliminate wasted campaigns and bad spends. We take your message out of the dark and put in front of the people you need to reach.

Lean into our experience

We learned almost everything we know about the media from the inside. We know how newsrooms work. We coach, teach and train individuals or small groups on how to effectively communicate their message, answer difficult questions and manage their relationships with the media.

Project management

If you’ve been thinking about bringing in a project manager, you already know the answer. Our experience launching products, managing change and steering organizations through crisis allows us to keep you on track and moving forward, from the big picture to most specific details.

Rebuild your newsroom

Everything about journalism has changed, even if your team hasn’t. We led the digital-first transformation at one of the largest local news and information websites in the country, building an audience of 21 million unique visitors a month. Let us show you how to start taking those same steps.

Develop your staff

Running a newsroom during the media’s seismic transformation and then through the pandemic taught us that change is necessary — and, when viewed properly, an incredible opportunity. Our experience aligns with companies across all industries that help with the digital demands of tomorrow.

Tap into our advocacy work

We are expert at building advocacy campaigns because we know how to break down complicated issues and present clear, concise arguments or positions. Our relationships also allow us to call on industry experts when a special touch is needed.

Add award-winning video

We bring more than a decade of experience conceiving, scripting and producing New York Emmy Award-winning videos and documentaries. We know which videos perform on which platforms, and we work with some of the most talented videographers on the East Coast.

Solve the SEO, SEM puzzles

SEO and SEM excellence require planning, patience and detailed knowledge of how to build your programs around the right campaigns and messaging. There are no shortcuts and no room for guessing. Let us develop a playbook for you to climb the rankings to be seen and heard.

Our story

Kevin Whitmer spent more than a dozen years running the largest and most influential media organization in New Jersey at The Star-Ledger and, most recently as Senior Vice President for Content, Expansion and Development. Kevin is widely known and respected in the state’s community of journalists and influencers for leading and advocating for his teammates, who have won Pulitzer Prizes, New York Emmy Awards, national Online Journalism Awards and just about every other major award in journalism.

He founded Whitmer Consulting in 2022 with his wife, Regina. Today, they offer clients a unique mix of skills focusing on data, digital media and marketing, strategic communications, audience development and targeting, high-impact SEO and, of course, storytelling, writing and editing.

They pride themselves on developing your message, and knowing how and where it is best delivered.

Did you know? was among the country’s five largest local news and information websites every month of 2021. In fact, comScore measures as larger than the Philadelphia Inquirer and Boston Globe — COMBINED. also regularly tops sites such as the NY Daily News, Miami Herald and Chicago Tribune with a Google Analytics average of 21.3 million monthly uniques.

About us

Regina and Kevin have more than six decades combined of professional experience in journalism, digital media, corporate communications, magazine and book publishing and now in strategic communications and consulting.

And, yes, they met in a newsroom.

Kevin served for more than a dozen years as the Editor-in-Chief at The Star-Ledger and then as Senior VP for Content, Expansion and Development at He is now the president of Whitmer Consulting, which he co-founded with Regina.

His career in daily journalism spanned 36 years — 30 of them in New Jersey. He was part of three Pulitzer Prizes, 23 New York Emmy Awards and virtually every major national journalism award that recognizes News, Sports and Business coverage. The Star-Ledger also has received the New Jersey Press Association’s General Excellence award as the state’s top newspaper 8 of the past 11 years.

Regina is an award-winning journalist and book editor with more than 30 years’ experience reporting, writing, editing, coaching and proofreading. Her experience spans a variety of industries and platforms.

Her freelance career has included diverse, sometimes unconventional, experiences in nonprofit and corporate communications and marketing, custom content for trade publications, and publication of newsletters and magazines. Her ability to pivot has allowed her to write witty descriptions for a novelty toy catalog one day, then break down health insurance news for a wire service the next.

(For more, visit our full bios.)

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